♡ I will keep him and call him mine. ♡
See, I'm needing some help with agility, so he's going to be with me for a while!! We're committed. :)
All YL supplements are infused with essential oils! That means they are way more efficient! Without oils, supplements have only a 42% blood absorption rate in 24 hours. With added oils, they have a 86% blood absorption rate in 1 hour.

My favorite Essential Oil to use in my diffuser jewelry necklace is Cedarwood! The button below is a link to "Drops of Joy Jewelry" at www.dropsofjoyjewelry.com

Winter ready with my Young Living supplements!
It's NO JOKE that I use essential oils for everythingggg!!! But why oh why is the "Everything" oil only an April Fools!! Ahahahahaha!

Just this week I got to see and hear a report from friends who were able to visit the middle east! Now, seeing this article, and realizing my own home has frankincense directly from Oman seems even more of a blessing!

I would say the first work day of the year was a success!! :) 
Though...I might have considered taking more than a spoonful of my new favorite! ;)
This 60°F sunshiny day and my "travel fan diffuser" are making me want to.....travel! :)

Even when my desk is at prime orderliness, it always has a spot for Nitro! Naturally powerful ingredients! Ev'rybody has time for that!

Insert melodic background music *Please hold for my one minute oil intervention* :)
1. Find favorite blend or single essential oil.
2. Open the lid.
3. Breath in.
One of my favorite blends!!
With Tangerine, Orange, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, and Blue Tansy essential oils, Peace & Calming is known for its ability to invite a calming atmosphere. ♡
Because Blue Tansy is in high demand and hard to source, it has become a rare oil. That makes me extra happy to be able to order this blend again!

For those of us *cough*me*cough* who are not using the wonder of the Thieves oil blend as much as it deserves to be used. And for those who sadly might not have even experienced Thieves yet. For us all J
Young Living has blended a new product that I just received!
Considering the COMPLETE ABSENCE of the chemical Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate (SLS or SLES) that is commonly used in other soap products, I knew this Thieves Dish Soap would be a perfect fit to my goal of a chemical-free lifestyle.

You want to be inspired? Put a few drops of this oil in your diffuser! I can only imagine how HUGE of an area it can energize, and I have seen it work in a LARGE room! :-)

If a person where to bottle up a warm summer day filled with sun-rays, stir in a little discovery, and top with a wake-up call, they would get a smell and feeling like what this Light the Fire blend gave to me! With nutmeg, cinnamon, cassia, mastrante, ocotea, conyza, lemon, pepper, hinoki, and the brand new Northern Lights black spruce, this is one AMAZING blend!

My new inspirational quote is these three simple words: Light the Fire! I don't want to spend my life putting the kindling into a neat pile, or sit in the smoke of a burned out idea; I want a light to be continually burning in me!

Here is a link for a YouTube video clip that I made to talk about the NingXia Red drink from Young Living:

A.R.T. refreshing toner from Young Living gently removes impurities without drying the skin. The perfect blend of essential oils help balance your skin's pH, while leaving your face clean, toned, and refreshed!

Here's my tip for my fellow office workers. A desk drawer is the perfect place for packets of NingXia Red! Whenever I start to feel any tinges of stress, this is my go-to! If there happens to be a light and airy work day, then I need to guard against not having energy built up. And all those other days can always use an antioxidant boost! Whenever I want this daily pick-me-up, I can either grab one of these packets, or pour some bottled NingXia on crushed ice with a few drops of a Citrus essential oil. So cooling. Such peaceful energy!

Putting my Young Living Essential Oil blend of Peace & Calming to good use!

Cool Azul Sports Gel helps my neck and shoulders make the best use of a weekend away from the office desk!

St. Patrick's Day has green on my mind! :) This gorgeous little recipe has a healthful 120 calories and 13 grams of protein!
It really stands out to me as SO different from a certain franchise's annual Shamrock Shake which has 820 calories, 23 grams fat, 15 grams saturated fat, and 115 grams of sugar!

I must share this post from Young Living - "How about spending a Friday night in with a little at-home spa action? Mix a few drops of Ylang Ylang essential Oil with 4-6 tablespoons of coconut oil. Apply the mixture to your hair and let it sit for 10-20 minutes. Wash hair thoroughly then try not to be blinded by your hair's natural shine!"

Ohhh, December 25th! Frankincense means even more to me this time of year! Happy day of celebrating Jesus' birth! Merry Christmas!

Helloooo, gorgeous recipe picture! ♡
Young Living shared this recipe for a DIY lip scrub. Mix equal parts coconut oil, sugar, and honey, then add a few drops of your favorite aromatic essential oil!

Let me point out how incredibly happy I am to finally have found a chapstick I like! It works so nicely! Does that mean I get to clean out my drawer of tested chapsticks now?

I enjoy my office job and it's not exactly physically exerting, ya know. But one thing I have noticed after weeks-months-years of desk work is that I have a tendency to get some tightness/soreness. Just a little while ago I was offered some Young Living Cool Azul Sports Gel "for any sore spot" and instantly knew where to try it! That evening after some visiting time I went home and suddenly noticed how wonderful and relaxed I felt! Looking over the ingredients of this amazing little bottle pointed out that it has 10ml of a blend of essential oils! That is literally two entire 5ml bottles of oils! Besides the other goodness it has! No wonder it feels so uplifting :-)

Northern Lights Black Spruce essential oil has such an amazing background! For one, March 9th of this year was the very first time for Black Spruce essential oils to be distilled - from our new Northern Lights farm in northern British Columbia, Canada. I would say it smells like walking in a winter wonderland, but it seems like that phrase has already been used by some song =}

So I will just describe it as the purest winter-y woodsy oil I have tried. Great to breathe in a diffuser, but also good for improving the appearance of dry skin! I am not surprised this was identified as a "favorite" by friends last night!

Okay I admit, when I first heard of these kid-style essential oil diffusers I thought it was a good theory but would not the best product. Kids have a tendency to make things to fall over, right? And plastic stuff can be pretty breakable, right? But I should have known I was not the only person in the entire world to realize those things! THESE DIFFUSERS ARE AMAZING! Besides having a separate container (for the oil & water) that is almost impossible to spill, they are expertly made of a very durable plastic material. And this dinosaur volcano looks pretty happenin' if I do say so myself!

Girls! This diffuser is amazing! Besides having a separate container for the oil & water that is almost impossible to spill, it is gorgeously made of a very durable plastic material. With alternating colored lights and with "sea plants" that let the EOs diffuse out of them, I think these are enjoyable to any age! As a certain cutie daughter of a team member said "I love the whale confuser!"

It always felt like I was defeating the purpose of washing produce, when using a chemical cleaning product. And if I'm just using water, I know that's not enough to do a good job. Several months ago I first heard the idea of washing fruits and veggies with Essential Oils (thanks, Pinterest). But that make-it-yourself recipe of a special mixture of Essential Oils and other natural products took something called "my time" to make. Good thing Young Living wants to make our lives simpler - and healthier of course! This new Thieves Fruit & Veggie Soak is made to use in my home kitchen sink, and it comes as a combo pack with a 2oz Spray bottle for spritzing on-the-go. This truly is saving and even *enhancing* the fruits and vegetables our Creator gave us to enjoy!

My first taste of Young Living's brand new Pure Protein Complete came with a few realizations for me: Protein powder can actually taste amazing! Simply pealing bananas and laying them on wax paper when putting in the freezer saves their lovely white color. Protein Powder and frozen bananas blended with a little milk does make a delicious snack/meal!

With this formula's blend of 5 sources of protein (and amino acids), I do not think there is going to be a tastier/healthier drink with 25 grams of protein per serving! That's so much protein goodness! And I am much more comfortable from knowing it is soy-free, and the whey that it has is rBGH free.

Now, this Chocolate Deluxe had me at "Deluxe"....okay maybe it had me at "Chocolate" ;) But there is also a lovely Vanilla Spice version too!

You know those factories where a lever, knob, belt, or electricity churns out more of their synthetics?

Well that is just not an option on a farm!
Dirt, water, sunshine, hard work, God's natural processes, and scheduled planting are the keys to this wonderful process!
So I dearly love reading sentences like these in my Young Living Essential Oils newsletter:
"The crew has been working hard on preparing fields for planting 300,000 melissa and 150,000 lavender plants."
"It was a huge success with more than 80,000 trees being planted."
And now, I might go find some leaves to admire! :)

Citrus Essential Oils like my loved grapefruit, lemon, and lime and cold-pressed; perfect for summer!
Here's a fun fact! Fruits are juicy, right, so I had assumed they must have tons of Essential Oil in them. But actually their healing immune systems (essential oils) are stored in the rind, not the juice! So it takes 75 lemons to make enough EO for one 15ml bottle!

Isn't it just like God to make something useful and beautiful! ♡
So much health and life coming from our farms for essential oils, already!! But now a clothing designer is using our lavender farm in Mona,UT for their new photo shoot!
by Young Living Essential Oils + Down East Basics Clothing

Grapefruit Essential Oils brings more sunshine to my day. Plus citrus oils are great for a bit of natural highlighting of the hair! :)